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Remote Control Cars for Kids - Cars for Kids Australia

Remote Control Cars for Kids

Are you looking to buy a kids’ car that you can control from a distance? We sell remote control cars for kids that are completely safe for driving in any Australian town. 

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Battery Powered Remote Control Cars for Kids

If you want to know how much are the remotely managed kids’ cars and whether you can afford them, feel free to take a look at all our great toys on wheels—we have a wide range of INEXPENSIVE kids’ cars so both you and your child can be happy.

You Can Choose How You Will Pay

All payment options are available on our webshop. We have made your shopping experience a lot easier because now you can pick your preferred payment option. Pay by Credit Card or Debit Card—it is up to you. You can’t afford to pay all at once? No problem, you can order a kids car and pay it partially by using either AfterPay or PartPay.

Shop Safely for Remote Control Cars for Kids

Your checkout is safe on our website as we have partnered with top and well-known companies such as PayPal and Stripe to provide nothing less than a 100% secure shopping experience. You don’t have to worry about your sensitive information because no one but you will be able to see it.

$100K Security Guarantee

If you are still not completely sure about safe payment, we guarantee that we will back you up to $100,000! This is a great reason to continue browsing through our great range of kids’ cars, right? 🙂

Wide Selection of Cars with Remote Control

We have drivable toys to make your kids thrilled! Our HUGE selection of cars for children that can be managed remotely includes ride ons for both girls and boys, and for kids of different ages and different tastes. Ask your little kids whether they prefer a 4×4 black Jeep or a white Ford Focus that can be managed by parental remote control.

30-Days Product Return and Refund Available

You have changed your mind and you want to return the car you bought? We won’t question your decisions and we’ll accept the returned product. However, in order to be eligible for the return policy, you have to ship the ride on toy car back in the original box and in an unused condition. We will quickly investigate the returned car and refund the purchased car amount.