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Kids Electric Ride on - Cars for Kids Australia

Kids Electric Ride on

Thinking of buying a cute electric car for your toddler? Do you have a boy or a girl that wants to become the best little driver in the street? We have the perfect kids electric ride on for your little one. Our cars are cool, safe, and affordable.

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Cheap Kids Electric Ride on

With cool realistic car siren and interesting sounds, MP3 functionality, a design that looks like cars for grownups, and speed that is exciting, any of our kids’ electric ride on will steal hearts of children in Australia. Would you like a blue, red or white car for your little one?

Friendly Customer Support

Whether you need help before making an order or after purchasing a ride on toy, our excellent team in customer support will be happy to assist you. They will try to get everything sorted, so don’t hesitate to reach them and ask a question or report an issue with your toy car.

Huge Selection of Stunning Cars

Shop for one our ride on cars and your kids won’t get enough of their new ride on toys. They will absolutely love their newest toy car. If your little one likes the beach, our quad bikes with stunning and entertaining features are the perfect fit. If you would like to choose something sporty, Maserati, BMW or Ford could be just what you need. Choose a colour to fit your kid’s interests (or gender) or pick a neutral colour if you have both a son and a daughter.

Best Manufacturer Warranty and a Refund

We give an outstanding 6-month manufacturer warranty on ALL of our ride on toys. Shop without worrying.

30-day refund is also available. You’ve decided to return the product you just bought? No issue! Before sending the product back to us, check if all parts are in the original box. After checking and confirming that the product is unused, we will return the money you spent on the car. Did we mention we won’t ask for reasons for the return?

We Will Cover You up to $100,000

We have the latest web security on our site. Our security partners are companies that work with other famous e-commerce sites so we are sure your credit card information isn’t stolen. You are completely safe when shopping at our place. If you’re still wondering, we have a security you can’t beat—we will cover your account up to $100,000.