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Kids Electric Car – 2 Seater - Cars for Kids Australia

Kids Electric Car – 2 Seater

Looking to buy a car for both of your children, looking for a two-seater kids’ car? We have great toys that, actually, can’t wait to have two lovely children drivers in their seating. Whether you let your kids drive manually or you plan to help them, they will have a great time.

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Huge Selection of Kids Electric Car – 2 Seater

Cars with two seatings are cool not only if you have two kids but also if your kid likes driving with friends from the neighbourhood. Our models of kids electric car – 2 seater are a match for your kid’s toy collection. Inspired by real cars, you’ll want to sit next to your little one!

Fast Courier Services – Fast Delivery

We have to brag and say that the courier companies we hire are super fast. They will deliver your kids electric car – two seater in no time. Their speed is guaranteed because we do our part well, we distribute our product from several distribution centres.

Free Pickup at Our Headquarters across Australia

You can find our ride on toys stored in Queensland, Victoria, and Western Australia. If you don’t want to pay the delivery services or just want to visit one of our distribution centres and meet us, the free pickup option is available in three cities: Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane. Want to come to us? Feel free to do so, just let us know by selecting this option at checkout.

Pay Using Whatever Option You Want

We want to make the shopping experience as convenient as we can for you. First, you can choose whether you want to pay the chosen two-seater fully at once or to make several payments. For paying in parts, you can use Afterpay. For paying the full price at once, use PayPal, your Visa card, and Mastercard. Pay with your Credit Card or Debit Card.

Get a Refund Easily

If you change your mind and decide to return the purchased two-seater, no problem. We offer a 30-day refund policy and we won’t ask you to tell us your reason. The only condition for a refund is to return the car in the original box and in unused condition.

6-month Manufacturers’ Warranty

If you’re having an issue with your kids electric car – two-seater, let us know. Contact our customer support because we offer a manufacturers’ warranty within the first 6 months of purchase.