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Electric Toy Cars - Cars for Kids Australia

Electric Toy Cars

Our store specializes in quality electric toy cars for kids. Does your child love to drive alone in an electric-powered four-wheeler? Or would he like to share a ride in one of our two-seaters? Choose from a wide range of interesting models of children’s electric toy cars for your little one.

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Kids’ Electric Toy Cars to Buy in Australia

Your child won’t be able to wait to hold the steering wheel and to press the gas pedal? Pick a model and the desired colour and your new electric ride on will soon surprise your child. Some ride ons are selling fast, so don’t wait long.

Large Selection of Rechargeable Ride Ons

We are a leading kids’ cars supplier across all Australia and we offer affordable ride ons for children. In our store, every parent can find a perfect electric toy car for his little one that also suits his wallet. Choose a product by its colour or a brand such as BMW, Ferrari or Ford. If your kid wants to be a policeman or a fireman, we have electric toy cars for your young professional.

The Quickest Shipping across Australia

Based in a rural part of our country and afraid that your kid’s car will be late for his birthday? Worry not! Not only we ship the products using the quickest delivery companies, but we also ship our cars from the distribution centre that is the closest to your home. Yes, we try hard to deliver your kid’s new toy as quickly as possible.

Cars for Kiddos of Varying Age

If your little guy or a little girl is 3, we have cars for their age. Because of the car’s weight capacity, most of our ride on toys can be handled by children aged between 3 and 8. And if you think your little precious is too young to drive, be sure to check the toy car models that come with a parental remote control.

We are Here to Help

If you are trying to buy an electric toy car and you’re stuck in the shopping process, let us know and we’ll gladly help. Also, our after sales customer support is able to assist anyone with a toy car issue. They will do their best to resolve any problem you are experiencing.