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Electric Ride on Toys Australia - Cars for Kids Australia

Electric Ride on Toys Australia

Looking for kids’ car that won’t cost much but will look great? Want to get a nice present for your kid’s birthday or you just want to surprise your youngster? Take a look at our electric ride on toys in Australia and you’ll find just what you were looking for.

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Choosing the Right Electric Ride on Toy in Australia

Our electric rechargeable cars are perfect for both boys and girls so you will for sure find a perfect car. Cars are powered by strong batteries and twin motors, cool tires and lights, and they come with a remote control for parents to manage their kid’s cars.

Where and How to Buy Kids’ Cars

It’s simple. You’re already at the right place. Browse through our huge car selection that includes different manufacturers, prices that vary, and many cool colours from white, through pink, red, and green, to black. After you choose the model of car you want, add it to cart and fill the information at checkout.

We Use the Latest Web Security

You can trust us. Our webshop is guarded by the best USA cybersecurity companies that guarantee your purchase is completely safe. As a backup, we offer $100,000 security to make sure you are completely covered.

Numerous Payment Options

At Cars for Kids want you to have a great shopping experience here so we have made many payment options available. Not only that you can choose from Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank transfer and similar options if you want to pay the entire cost at once, but you can also pay using LayBy, PartPay, and AfterPay if you can afford to pay in parts.

We Care for Little Aussies

We are an Australian family-run business that wants to make every little customer happy. That is why we sell only the best electric ride on toys in Australia and every car is affordable. We also want to help every parent that is facing some issues with his kid’s car. Our customer support team is friendly and enjoys helping parents. If you are experiencing problems with your ride on toy, our after sales support is here to help.

Manufacturers’ Warranty and Refund

Whether you need to replace a car’s part or you want to return a ride on toy you purchased, we offer both 6-month manufacturers’ warranty and a 30-day refund. To get the refund, ship the product you haven’t used back to us.