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Electric Ride on Cars - Cars for Kids Australia

Electric Ride on Cars

If you don’t know where to buy electric ride on cars that keep children’s attention for a long time, let us show you our quality toy cars for kids in Australia. The ride on toys we offer have sturdy construction and are perfectly safe for kids to drive.

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Electric Ride on Cars in Australia

With stunning features such as car lights, siren and other sounds, extraordinary design, and a chance to choose from many different models, our cars are the most popular in the entire country. We are proud to be Australia’s number one children cars dealer.

Widest Selection of Safe Kids’ Cars

We have a wide range of perfectly manufactured kids’ electric ride on cars that have all the needed safety features. Pick a model of BMW or a Mercedes with a safety seatbelt. Choose a ride on with two seats. Or get a car with parental remote control so you can be assured in safety of your little one while he’s driving his toy car.

Aussie Family Business

We are a 100% Australian family business and we understand desires you have as a parent of a cute boy or an adorable girl. We make sure to not only provide the most affordable cars for kids but to also choose the safest and the most durable models. Our store has the coolest electric ride on cars your kid can drive in Australian parks, and streets of Melbourne, Perth, and other cities in the country.

The Cheapest Toy Cars

Both the best and the cheapest Aussies car provider! We believe that every little Aussie should enjoy driving his own ride on toy. Here you can order electric ride on cars that cost less than $100! We try to suit every parent’s wallet so he can make his little one happy.

Speedy Delivery and The Cheapest Shipping

Your child should get his cool toy as soon as possible so we use the quickest courier companies to ship the product of your choice. Also, rates for shipping the toy cars are the lowest. That means you will get your order fast and without excessive costs.

FREE Pickup for Our Neighbours

You can find us in Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane in our distribution centres. If you live close to us and want to come and pick up your kid’s new toy, choose this option when completing your order in our web store.