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Baby Electric Car - Cars for Kids Australia

Baby Electric Car

Your baby is so adorable that she deserves the coolest toy ever. Get her a baby electric car and you’ll see how happy she’ll be on wheels. When your baby’s new rechargeable car arrives, streets and parks of Melbourne, Perth or any other city are all yours.

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Rechargeable Baby Electric Car

Our cars for babies are a perfect kid’s first ride on toy. Any baby electric car you choose is safe for your kid. Anti-slip wheels that prevent flipping, parental remote control to manage a car from a distance, realistic design so kids can feel cool, and other impressive baby car features.

The Coolest Selection of Cars for Babies

Is your young driver ready for a ride in one of our machines? Quality anti-slip tyres in our newest models, various colours to match every kid’s taste, and differently powered cars to fit different kids’ age groups. Cars for Kids’ selection of cars include ride on toys with cool sounds, siren, and built-in music, and MP3 connectivity to play some jolly tunes for kids. Many of our four-wheelers have parental remote control for managing car from a certain distance. Our electric ride ons for babies are not speedy because of their safety.

How to Pay for Your Baby Ride on

Just choose your preferred payment method—simple as that. Choice of payment option depends on you and you can use Visa, Mastercard, your Credit Card, and Debit Card. You can also decide when you’ll pay. You can choose any option to pay the full amount at checkout. For paying partially, you can choose AfterPay, LayBy, and PartPay.

100% Safe Purchase

Stop worrying about the safety of your credit card info because we think about your security. With the best cybersecurity companies that take care of our site, and encryption that guards your data even from us, you are 100% safe to shop.

When will the Baby Car Arrive?

ASAP! We ship our products from three distribution centres that are based in Victoria, Queensland, and Western Australia so your little precious shouldn’t wait long for his toy. We ship the product using only reputable courier companies that are speedy.

Pick up the Toy for Free in Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane

For people that live close to our distribution centres, we have provided an option of free pickup. Click to select this option on checkout, and we’ll wait for you with a baby car of your choice.