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6volt Electric Ride on Toys - Cars for Kids Australia

6volt Electric Ride on Toys

Designed to look so realistic (they are so detailed!) and to resemble the cars for grownups, 6volt electric ride on toys are a good choice for you if you are looking for a toy car your kid can drive in the backyard, on street, and in a park.

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Quality 6volt Electric Ride on Toys

Our electric cars with 6V rechargeable batteries are durable and your little one will enjoy driving his car for years. With fun characteristics such as MP3 connectivity, working car lights, and entertaining speed, kids don’t want to stop turning wheels of our 6volt electric ride on toys.

Why Choose Us?

There are many overpriced kids’ cars on the market and only a few children can afford them. We offer affordable kids electric cars with some prices that go below $80.

We are a reliable family-run business. It would make us satisfied if our 6V electric cars become a part of many Aussie families—they can sleep in your garage. The only problem you may experience when shopping at our store is indecision—it is hard to choose from many stunning great ride on toys.

Cars for Various Age Groups

Whether you have a kid that is 2 or a 7-year-old, look no further. With a huge selection of four-wheelers for the youngest, you will find the one that both you and your kid like and a car that is safe. When choosing an electric car for the youngest, you can pick a model with a parental remote control to be able to control the speed of your child on the streets.

Great Customer Support

Whether your kid owns a ride on car or you want to get one now, we are sure you have questions related to the car’s durability, quality, safety features, and other relevant stuff. That is why our customer support is here. Ask about anything that concerns you. After you purchase a ride on, you can contact our after sales support for any car-related help.

Secure Shoppings with a $100,000 Checkout Protection

We have secured our e-shop well. Not only that we have partnered with big companies from the cybersecurity industry but we also have the latest encryption that doesn’t allow anyone to find out your payment information. You are the only person that will know that. If you are still doubting, let us tell you that you are also protected by our security of up to $100,000.